Up your game with new
on-line, print & advertising design and writing.

I create identity and message presentations that give clients a bird's-eye view of their new identity as it will be seen on-line, in print, and in advertising.

After the presentation is approved I'm often asked to assist clients in implementing their new identity, as well as providing ongoing guidance and support.

With over 40 years of business experience with organizations nationwide, I can handle projects of any size and creative need.

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Law firms


Tech companies



Health care

Colleges and universities

Creative and marketing style:



Bright, colorful and attention-getting.

Crisp and uncomplicated.

Concise and natural.

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Every Week:

Editorial cartoonist for USA Today. follow Steve at hallcartoons.com and Twitter.


Trade show exhibit and print materials for a central Florida company. (2016)

National advertising for Miami trial law firm. (2016)

Identity, message and new name for a 40 year old central Florida company. (2016)

Advertising for health care company. (2016)

Conference display for national technology and training company. (2016)

Marketing presentation kit for large Miami-based insurance company. (2016)

Trade show exhibit and conference brochure for a New York legal services software company. (2016)

National full-color advertisements in Trial Magazine for a Miami-based national law firm. (2016)

Branding, creative direction, and art direction for a Merritt Island historical homestead & farm. (2016)

Branding, message and marketing support for a drone photography company. (2015-present)

Graphic design and illustration for a Miami-based national law firm. (1995-present)

On-going creative, art direction, and graphic design work for a New York-based national law firm. (2005-present)

Re-branding, creative direction, art direction, graphic design and writing for a Los Angeles technology company. (2013-present)

Marketing brochure graphic design for a Hong Kong staffing company. (2014)

Branding, creative direction, art direction, graphic design and writing for a Florida-based landscape contracting company. (2015-2018)

Social media illustrations and marketing graphics for Brevard auto dealership. (2015-present)

See Recent Work

About me:

I was born in 1952 on Cape Cod and grew up in the Midwest and New England.

I'm a graduate of Cape Cod Community College. A few years ago I enrolled at the University of Central Florida to finish up my degree [bucket list thing]. I'll graduate in late 2016 with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, majoring in creative writing and minoring in art history.

My earliest employers were designers, agencies, design firms, printers, typographers, and newspapers. In 1977, I formed a Miami-based design company.

Past clients include major national research organizations, banks, healthcare, real estate and tech companies.

I currently design, write, draw and live on Merritt Island, Florida, a dozen miles from where rockets are launched (and some land standing up, which is quite a feat!).

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