Looking for a new speechwriter for your next event? Steve Hall wants to write speeches for you.

Hall recently graduated from the University of Central Florida with an Interdisciplinary Studies degree, concentrating in Creative Writing. Despite long hours on campus rubbing shoulders and brains with very liberal faculty and the occasional 'snowflake', Steve retains his conservative and humorous outlook on American political life.

Speeches will be carefully written in short, easily to understand English and will be researched to support your ideas. And just to make sure you aren't surprised by an unexpected venue or audience, Hall will confirm the physical details of your speaking location and inquire about the demographic of your audience.


Press secretary for the Brevard Republican Executive Committee. (2017)


Call Steve at 321-536-5379.

Phone: 321.536.5379

On-line: efsmart.com

Twitter: @Hallcartooning

Conservative Cartoons + General Illustration: hallcartoons.com

E-mail: steve.hall@efsmart.com