Stephen Hall

Creative Services

Creative direction, art direction, graphic design, writing, editorial cartooning and illustration.

Creative direction

Integrated company-wide campaigns, coordination of creatives and creative resources.

Art direction

Direction of art and copywriting, coordination of creatives and creative resources.

Graphic Design

Design and graphic design development for all things graphic in all media.


Writing to support marketing, sales and presentations.

Editorial cartooning and illustration

Opinion page editorial cartoons, advertising illustration.


Major national law firms

Technology companies

Marketing companies

Non-profits and Institutions

Ask about representative clients and work examples.

Creative style

Creatively responsive.

Bright, colorful and attention-getting.

Creative ideas can be applied across all media.

Crisp, uncomplicated design and writing focused on the client audience.

Copy writing that is concise and natural.

Copy and visuals work together.

Steve often employs humor in his work.

Recent projects

Updated January 2016

Editorial cartoonist for Florida Today and USA Today. Visit Hall's cartoon site: (2013 - present)

Branding, creative direction, and art direction for a Merritt Island historical farm. (2015-2017)

Graphic design and illustration for a Miami-based national law firm. (1995 - present)

On-going creative, art direction, and graphic design work for a New York-based national law firm. (2005 - present)

Re-branding, creative direction, art direction, graphic design and writing for a Los Angeles technology company. (2013 - present)

Branding and marketing materials for a New York legal services software company. (2013-2017)

Marketing brochure graphic design for a Hong Kong staffing company. (2014)

Branding, creative direction, art direction, graphic design and writing for a Florida-based landscape contracting company. (2015-2018)

Working together

Stephen delivers estimates and creative product promptly and on-budget. He regularly employs audio and video conferencing for meetings and presentations, giving him the freedom to work with national and international clients. He honors existing relationships with client print and Internet vendors.

About Steve Hall

Hall was born in 1952 on Cape Cod and grew up in the Midwest and New England. Graduated from Cape Cod Community College in 1974, and anticipates graduation from the University of Central Florida in 2016, majoring in creative writing and minoring in art history.

His early employers were designers, printers, typographers, and newspapers. He formed his first design company in 1977 in Miami.

He currently works and resides on Merritt Island, Florida, a dozen miles from where rockets are launched (and occasionally land standing up!).

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