Look no further! You've found the experienced and creative designer, writer, illustrator, and art director for your brand, advertising, communications, and publications you've been looking for.


  • Writer, designer, art director, and illustrator for branding, advertising, and media
  • Advertising, editorial, Internet, and print creative services for tech companies, professionals, and attorneys
  • Clear, modern, easy-to-understand copy writing and visual design for your identity, advertising, and communications

Experienced Creativity


I develop complete creative packages for new brands or re-branding. These can include a new company name, logo, strategic theme tag lines and proposed copywriting. These are presented in new formats for the company and sales and marketing materials that clients use everyday.

  • Branding and advertising project for founders/owners of an 11 office Florida-based sales and distribution enterprise. Their clients were the trade, but national competitors are moving into their market. Their company name was fine 50 years ago, but didn't reflect the scope of their products today which confused potential business. They wanted their company brand, signing, and advertising to be current and professional.


I've worked with large, national trial law practices for over 30 years. One has been a client for over 25 years and another for over a decade.

I help founders visualize and develop their marketing ideas and test them in the national legal marketplace.

  • If you're a trial lawyer you've seen my work regularly in Trial Magazine and state law journals, or, have received direct mail from my clients or their associated companies.


My clients and friends are in constant conversation about how to transition their companies to family members or new buyers.

I don't pretend to have knowledge of the business, finance, and tax consulting issues that arise from this sort of thing. But, I understand how new branding and advertising can prepare the business for new owners.

  • A current project is for the owner of a dental practice. He and is wife are happily awaiting the graduation of his daughter from med school. She's taking over his practice.
  • This practice required re-branding and new advertising, which will lead to an infusion of new (younger) patients. I renamed their practice and developed a new brand and creative advertising strategy. This will help this doctor pass on a thriving practice to his freshly minted doctor in a couple of years.


My illustration work includes illustrations and editorial art for advertising, social media, publishing and presentations.

As an elementary school student I was the kid in class that drew spacemen, rockets, fast cars, and dinosaurs, and of course, distracted my classmates and annoyed my teachers (Mrs. Anderson, in particular). I've also been a freelance editorial cartoonist (USA Today and Florida Today).

  • I recently completed a illustration and signing project for a new exhibit area at the Brevard Zoo in Florida. The project includes 17 interpretative animal drawings that are used to illustrate how the mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles live in the wild. See this at my HallZooArt.com site.

As a new grandfather I've been introducing my grandson (and soon my toddler granddaughter) to dinosaurs that roam in the woods behind his backyard. See my colorful dinosaur illustrations at HallDinoArt.com. (BTW, never doubt the power of a quick sketch on a paper napkin.)

I've been looking for a book illustration gig. Talk to your friend who knows the gal that knows a guy that knows that big NYC publishing agent everybody is talking about.

Call me today at 321-536-5379.

"Dad's at it